Classy, Upscale, Versatile and High-Quality Services

Sola Onoja - Founder & CEO

Who We Are

DMC Fashion Empire is a manufacturer and retailer of upscale unisex clothing lines for all ages. DMC FASHION Empire also specializes in Custom made and ready to wear foreign and African traditional outfits, bridal collections, Dinner outfits and men’s suits. At DMC fashion academy, we train and groom young people to learn and practice the art of creative fashion designing from beginners stages to establishing fashion businesses of their own.
We nurture and tune fashion minds to produce high quality designs while paying attention to minutest details. We also offer advanced courses in Fashion designing to suit the dynamic needs of the ever-changing fashion industry.

We also offer photography services, studio and event photography and modeling photography as well as training. Our other services also include make over for all occasions and hairstyling which is in the pipeline. DMC Fashion Empire is a leading Fashion House based in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.​


To provide high quality clothing, products and services for customers, based on uniqueness of style and creativity and create superior value in the process.


To be a globally-renowned fashion brand with the unique classic African touch and to be the topmost fashion brand and fashion academy of choice in the sub region and beyond.


Our watchwords include creativity, efficiency, integrity and passion. The key message associated with DMC fashion empire is classy, upscale, versatile, and high-quality services

Why Choose Us?

We are a trend setting and reputable fashion house who pays attention to details. We also cater to private clothing requirements of our esteemed clients from across the world. We have a high level of commitment and maintain very high standards, paying apt attention to the quality of our work and delivery performances. We understand the importance of timely deliveries of bulk quantities and strive towards keeping our timelines and commitments to our clients. We involve our clients in the production processes for their ordered products and provide timely updates during the course of production to our clients to keep them updated.

At DMC Fashion Empire we will provide you with value-for-money for all of our unique products and services. We maintain very high standards for all our products and services, whether you choose to produce men and women’s clothing, bridal collections, children’s wears or you enroll in our Fashion Academy for participation in any of our unique Fashion Training courses, photography training, photography studio services or if you purchase any of our unique fashion products.

Our clothing line and dressmaking unit is your one stop solution for all your fashion requirements. We are able to custom make outfits of intercontinental and African designs to suit your fashion needs, we are also able to take bulk orders according to client specifications and demands. Our clothing products are designed by experts with vast experience in fashion designing. Our highly skilled and expert tailors are competent enough to meet the highest quality demands of each unique customer. We are able to cater to all the needs of bulk clients as well as single stand alone orders. We cater to a variety of client requirements. Therefore we have no criteria of minimum orders. Small clients as well as big clients have access to our unique quality products and services which has become the hallmark of excellence for our products and services. We are able to produce clothing for private label clothing clients according to specifications, right from the procurement of fabric through designing the clothing up to finished product. Confidentiality and privacy to our clients is guaranteed.  Our website is functional 24 hours a day enabling you to reach us at any time of convenience for our products and services.

There are scores of Fashion schools to choose from, however, finding one you can count on and build a long term relationship is a difficult task. Using a standard syllabus, at DMC Fashion Academy we train and groom young aspiring fashion designers in beginner courses and Advanced level Fashion courses. We encourage our students to think outside the box with creativity and also sharpen their innate skills to help them attain success. Our after school support system is second to none upon graduation.   To date, we have successfully trained multiple scores of students who have set up successful Fashion businesses of their own. There is opportunity for networking and interaction among our ex-students.

DMC Fashion Academy is continually evolving, adapting to emerging globally accepted best practices and accepted teaching standards.

DMC Fashion Empire also offers Photography studio services, Portraiture, Wedding Photography, Models Photo-shoot sessions and Events photography. Our Fashion Academy also offers unique Photography training courses for prospective students. Our studio is located within the center of Ibadan metropolis.

Maintaining high levels of quality of our clothing material, components and products is the core around which the whole of our processes revolves. We utilize top quality fabrics and materials in our clothing manufacture. We are focused on the quality of the work as we strive towards optimum customer satisfaction. Quality is a word often used, but at DMC Fashion Empire we mean it. At DMC Fashion Empire, we do not compromise on quality, comfort and fit. We strive to help you make a statement with our unique Fashion styles.


Our highly skilled and knowledgeable design team demonstrates a strong awareness of the latest fashion trends around the world. We work closely with clients to ensure precision to design amid client requirements, as well as the most up-to-date trends which are reflected in the designs we produce.

We are fully capable of providing a bespoke package for our teeming customers. We are able to reflect the latest trends from international fashion trends from around the world and fuse them with classic African styles. We have vast expertise in varying continental designs, corporate styles and African styles. A lot of research goes into our design taking care of factors such as fabrics, comfort, style, quality and even after-care.


We offer bespoke wedding outfits for the groom and his bride and the entire bridal train. Our suits and wedding dresses are sewn to perfect fit according to clients needs and our prices are very friendly.

Our greatest assets are our human resources. We keep a stringent procedure for selecting our staff and tailors. Employees receive regular training to upgrade their knowledge base. All our experts are well motivated, and well experienced with years of working in their respective fields of expertise. To us, it's not just work - we take pride in the solutions we deliver. We deploy creativity and passion to achieve excellence in the work we do for all our clients.

We are committed to establishing our company as a world class clothing manufacturer on the African continent. Hence, our prices remain reasonable and very competitive. By receiving bulk orders and high turnover profit margins would stabilize.

DMC Fashion Empire is able to produce quality unisex outfits quickly and efficiently, no matter the client fashion choice(s).

We maintain our commitment to timely delivery through strict production guidelines in our entire production process, staff dedication to duty, proper planning and continuous follow up. We understand the importance of timeliness of product delivery and remain committed hence; our clients are assured of timely delivery and can also receive finished products at their door step if so desired.

At DMC Fashion Empire we go the extra mile to deliver on all our products and services.


We are bold and imaginative in our work with a view to enhanced customer satisfaction.


We strive to deploy our best efforts and the using the best methods possible, the outcome is a high standard of quality and satisfaction of our customers.


We are committed to a highly ethical approach.


Our word is our bond.

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